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2023-24 Community Grants

Deadline is 10-31-2023

Link to the grant website is on the HOME page

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The 2023-24 Marietta Welfare League Community Grant cycle is now OPEN.

Any nonprofit organization that directly benefits Washington County, Ohio is encouraged to apply for funding.  Note: MWL Grants are project-based.  Funds will not be awarded for salaries or general operating expenses. Multiple applications may be accepted from organizations for different projects. Partial funding of requests is possible. For application questions, email

Some Past Grant Recipients

Please scroll through the images and click to read about past grant recipients.  
For more information, email us at
Grant Recipients announced for 2020/21

From January 2021

Amid pandemic MWL continues to serve

$72,000 in grants awarded to local charities


     A year like no other, 2020 brought numerous challenges to everyone especially local nonprofit and charitable organizations.  The Marietta Welfare League was no exception.  The global pandemic forced the women’s organization to cancel all in-person meetings and social gatherings, as well as close the group’s largest fundraiser for three months: The League Shop, located within Marietta Memorial Hospital.

     These obstacles, however, did not slow the organization’s community involvement. Taking to Zoom, the Executive Board continued to meet and maintain membership connection through email updates.  The organization worked to help feed senior citizens during the initial lock down and recognize Marietta Memorial’s nursing staff.

     The largest challenge faced by the group in 2020 was how (not if) to continue with the League’s Community Grant Program.  This program has been granting funds to local nonprofits and service organizations for more than three decades. The funds given come directly from the profits of The League Shop.  With the Shop’s temporary closure, the budget was tighter than in recent years.  The need was greater than ever, and League members stepped up to the challenge.

     Fifty-two grant requests were submitted by area groups totaling just shy of $170,000 in need.  League’s Finance chairperson Mindi Line took on the task of organizing each online request and following up with every organization.  The applications were meticulously reviewed by League members in December during a Zoom meeting.  In total, 37 organizations received a portion of the $72,000 budgeted amount.

     “Our number one priority this year was food and feeding people,” said President Ann Corbett.

     The group is always thinking about local food insecurity issues, especially children and seniors. Seventy percent of this year’s budget ultimately went to grants that had an impact on healthcare or directly feeding community members, such as the purchase of food, food storage equipment, hygiene products, and safety equipment.

In the past, The League has been known for contributing to smaller projects with a focus that could get overlooked by traditional grants like history and the arts.  This year, with a tighter budget and a community hurting, the group had to look at the most immediate needs.

     Fortunately, many educational, arts-related, and community enrichment grants were also awarded including the purchase of books, historic preservation initiatives, funding scholarships, as well supplies for classrooms and afterschool programs. Even during a global pandemic, a community grows and strengthens through supportive measures in a variety of areas.

     The League usually hosts a reception in January for the recipients to receive the grant checks.  This year, due to the pandemic restrictions, the gathering has been cancelled.  The reception event is a highlight for League members.  It is a great time to meet with representatives from the local groups, hear their stories of service, and really learn about how the community is being impacted.  The League looks forward to resuming this uplifting luncheon gathering next year.  The grant recipients should receive checks by mail in late January.

     The Marietta Welfare League is a nonprofit volunteer organization based in Washington County, Ohio.  The women’s group has been providing volunteer services and financial support to the county since 1926.  MWL facilities The Shoe Tag Fund, Music in the Park, as well as owns and operates The League Shop, a coffee and gift shop located within Marietta Memorial Hospital. One hundred percent of profits from The League Shop go directly back to Washington County, Ohio via the MWL Community Grants Program. For more information on the group and how to become involved, please visit

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