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The Marietta Welfare League was founded in 1926 with the purpose to encourage members to become active in the civic and social life of the community.  In the past 94 years, more than 3,000 women have volunteered more than ONE MILLION hours of service to Washington County, Ohio! 


Our programs have evolved over the decades and our membership has grown.  Our mission is still the same: to make a difference in Washington County, Ohio through active membership, volunteerism, and financial support of groups who benefit the community.

If YOU are interested in joining our group, please download the membership application or email mwleague@gmail.com with the subject "Membership." We are excited to meet YOU!! 

Mary Lou Atkinson

Carol Bergen

Jean Bergen

Sandra Blair

Tonya Booth

Kay Callihan

Kay Caltrider

Nicole Coil

Jane Combs

Janet Cranston

Judy Deering

Amy Elliott

Shelley Elliott

Susan Feil

Betty Fleming

Peggy Forbes

Sharon Gegner

Martha Guinn

Penny Hall

Sheila Lankford

Becky Mallett

Donna Marks

Brenda Matthews

Nancy McCartney

Elizabeth Mendicino

Amy Mitchem

Marya Ott

Pam Plaskett

Jo Powell

Barb Rankin

Janine Satterfield

Edith Seiffert

Jan Sheridan

JoAnn Stowe

Pat Thrash

Holly Watson

Jane Watson

Phyllis Wells

Joyce Williams

2021-22 Executive Board

Susan Strauss, President

Mel Aseltine, Vice President

Janell Pfaff, Recording Secretary

Pat Bateman, Corresponding Secretary

Angie Huck, General Treasurer

Joyce Danford, League Shop Treasurer

Mel Aseltine, Employee Relations Chair

Terri Page, Food Chairperson

Ann Corbett, Past President

Active Members

Mel Aseltine

Pat Bateman

Evy Bryant, MITP Chair

Ann Corbett

April Coss

Jane Crumrine

Joyce Danford

Betty Decker

Angie Eddy-Huck, Shoe Tag Chair

Toni Henry

LeeAnn Johnson

Shirley Lang

Mindi Line

Natalie Mack

Trisha Miller

Terri Page

Janell Pfaff

Melanie Schneider

Pam Stephanik

Susan Strauss

Amy Taylor

Lura Wilcoxen

Our Active Members
Our Lifetime Members

As of December 7, 2020