Shoe Tag Fund

Begun in 1938, The Shoe Tag program distributes "Tags" or vouchers to Washington County children in need of shoes.  The tags are redeemable for any type of shoe at local participating stores. To date, more than 12,000 pairs of shoes have been distributed to children in need - right here in Washington County! 

The Shoe Tags can be redeemed for daily-use shoes or specialty/athletic shoes, even steel-toed work wear for those students studying a trade. The tags are distributed through the individual schools as well as the Washington County Career Center, Eve Inc., and Children's Services.  If you know a child in need of shoes, please contact that child's school or preschool directly.  


We are proud to partner with these retailers where families can redeem the tags for shoes:

Walmart (Marietta, OH store)

The Shoe Dept (Marietta, OH and Grand Central Mall locations)

The Workingman's Store

Since March 1, 2019

The Shoe Tag Fund has spent




400 pairs of shoes in one year.

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